Our experts keep a watch on industry trends and changing knowledge landscape of industrial & functional domains. Through close co-operation with our experts, researchers & trainers, we continue developing and delivering knowledge-share workshops that meet learning objectives of individuals and corporates on fundamental, tactical and strategic levels. Please attend all our planned educational workshops.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
16th-20th December 2012Dubai
3rd-7th December 2012New Delhi
5th-9th November 2012Singapore
12nd-16th November 2012Pune

Integrated Supply Chain and Logistics Management
8th-10th October 2012Dubai
15th-18th October 2012New Delhi
22nd-24th October 2012Bangalore

Outsourcing and Managing 3 PL
4th-5th December 2012Dubai
12nd-13rd December 2012New Delhi
18th-19th March 2013Singapore