Automotive industry has more than a century old history and is one of important economy sectors. The financial crisis did impact this sector negatively and as the sector is recovering, it has new challenges to deal with. These challenges include working capital and financial restructuring of suppliers making up value chain in addition to looking after growing feature needs of passenger cars by growing percentage of savvy drivers. The requirement of sustainable development has led to a creation of commercially viable hybrid vehicles and solar powered vehicles. New product development, innovation, cost reduction, cash management, supply chain collaboration will continue to be the dominating agenda for vehicle manufacturer worldwide in new post- recession normal.

Our service include

  • Understanding and communicating changing industry, ownership structures and industry trends
  • Encouraging communication, collaboration and innovation through entire automotive value chain
  • Support in policy formulation guide-lines for governance
  • Strategy formulation for manufacturers, vendors and lobbying for financial support

The automotive industry ecosystem includes component vendors, tool makers, designers and researchers, assembly plants, repair workshops and gas filling stations. In addition to industry practice we work in close co-operation with all organizations inside automotive industry in building culture of growth, innovation and excellence by leveraging our functional knowledge, tools and techniques.