Healthcare industry, a network of hospitals, clinical labs, pathological test centers, physician & dentist practice offices, medical equipment suppliers, medical insurance service providers and medical education institutions, is a growth sector. The rise of medical tourism is boosting growth of this sector in emerging economy. With medical tourism growing, our experts see a partial convergence of hospitality and healthcare at least in view of facilities and features of facilities. The health insurance products are getting popular adding growth to this sector. Healthcare industry now needs a good integrated performance management system that includes adoption of techniques for continuous performance improvement.

Our services include:

  • Helping our clients build culture, climate for innovation and help deploy tools for performance improvement
  • Helping build optimized supply chain for buying and holding right inventory of drugs, medical equipment and supplies
  • Help evaluate relevant information technology tools for patient information management and also ERP( Enterprise Resource management Tool)

In addition our experts can help governance in building healthcare policy framework and help communicate policy framework