This is indeed a fact that hospitality industry is growing. The industry has product offers that cater to a range of customers from luxury to budget. The industry has bright growth outlook globally in view of increasing global tourism, increasing urbanization and increasing global and local social connectivity. Hospitality Industry needs continuous refinement of products, services, solutions and facilities. The growth of new savvy customers that demand presence of high broad-band internet and digital gaming solutions also has brought new challenges in administration of facilities. Many hotels globally have deployed green solutions to address carbon foot print and there are still many who are trying to figure out their way forward in this connection. The industry offers an opportunity of good training and skill development in a diversified environment which generally include good facilities, food and beverages centers, bars and entertainment areas but faces high attrition rates.

Our services include:

  • Benchmarking services in terms of key/service/products/solutions offer and key initiative as offered by other comparable hotels including benchmarking published price offer
  • Coach and support in building culture of innovation, continuous development and support new product development
  • Support in evaluation and deployment of relevant technical solutions including Enterprise Resource solutions
  • Help build corporate culture, employee loyalty and growth strategies
  • Help build and communicate service differentiators, organizational leadership and business excellence environment

We also support policy formulation efforts by governance to help grow the sector as well policies to help grow high retention rates