Lean has been practiced in many formats with distinct set of methods deployed. Various popular methods practiced for lean have been the 7 Wastes, 5 S programmes, theory of constraints, Toyota’s Production System( Just in Time, Kaizen, Kanban, Single Minute Exchange of Dies etc.), Value Stream Mapping, Re-engineering, Transactional mapping and Lean Six Sigma. Organizations can pursue one or a combination of many lean methods to eliminate waste, improve quality and value to customers.

Lean Six Sigma, with its unique deployment method of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Control) and its approach towards identification & branding of champions as Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black belt, has been well adopted and leveraged in many organizations.

Our experts can help find the most suitable lean model, the best deployment methodologies, processes & technologies, and help install lean as a goal, a journey and a philosophy.