Media and Entertainment

Entertainment industry went through a dramatic shift in last half of 20th century. The people went to theatre to get entertained and then home theatre appeared in living room of many houses. With arrival of digital economy, the music and movies are now available on smart phones. The movie houses needed to be re-engineered as a place to see many movies and as a place offering facilities for restaurants and consumer goods outlets then just being a movie premises offering single movie. There is also a trend for outsourcing content creation in view of the demand of short, sharp and soothing entertainment content.

Our services include

  • Market researching public opinion on entertainment content especially in view of content
  • Helping Media and entertainment production houses with outsourcing needs
  • Also helping in terms of content, communication and branding
  • Help in reengineering distribution channel for entertainment products

The media and entertainment industry has both local and global perspective in many countries and hence distribution channels for media and entertainment solutions could as well be different. We as well support local governance in building policies that encourage media and entertainment industry