The Pharmaceutical industry is faced with increased R&D time, decreased R&D output, price pressure, generic competition and rising R&D costs. There is an opportunity in getting innovation cycle in pharmaceutical manufacturing companies down—the years long R&D and clinical trials need to be reduced significantly to bring drug to consumers. Pharmaceutical companies will continue to be regulated. Consolidation and mergers will continue driving growth of industry, at the same time bigger players will become bigger in view of structure. In view of global distribution of drugs, the compliance of supply chain has been a concern. The need of drugs-movement with controlled temperature within a range has been a need of many producers but there has been a lack of compliance observed by logistics companies especially from emerging economy.

Our service include

  • Working with Pharmaceutical companies in supply chain mapping and also help build cool chain
  • Help build improved co-ordination and contracting conditions with logistics service providers
  • Help build more process focused innovation and processes for new product development

In addition working in close co-operation with other providers in healthcare ecosystem, help formulation of pharmaceutical specific regulation and governance for the authorities