Managing projects or initiatives could be complex.

There have been many examples of failures of large projects due to lack of governance on enterprise as well as project level. Many other reasons of failures, as reported, have been lack of a clear link between the project, organizational strategies, related measures and lack of competence to manage risks. In addition, the lack of understanding of supplier relationship, related problem solving, delayed decisions, lack of knowledge of changing money values over a period, improper breakdown of activities, improper time lines and inappropriate resource allocation were attributed as other reasons of failures.

We have developed a methodology that includes complete project management solution through identification and documentation of project charters, strategies, goals, activities, resources and related business plan. Then our methodology addresses finding the client-specific solution through deployment of managing process, structure and technology, as suitable, both at project execution level and at enterprise decision-making level.

Moreover, our experts also build specific project governance & strategy document and undertake project management maturity audits.