Supply Chain

Supply chain greatly enhances an organizations’ ability to compete. There are distinct variations in supply chains for different organizations and, hence, finding a suitable supply chain model or building its own supply chains is also a goal for all organizations.

The structure of supply chain, its flow and orientation will significantly change within this decade in view of relocation of manufacturing plants, rising and volatility of oil price, development of new global trading blocks and new emerging economic powers.

In addition, there are challenges in integrating all functional domains from purchasing of raw materials to delivery of finished goods in any organization. We support clients in restructuring supply chain, building competitive and integrated supply chain by doing assessment and finding a right fit of process, technology, people and their interaction through global sourcing, warehousing, transportation process, inventory management & locations.

We also undertake a quick assessment of supply chain & outsourcing need, and advise suitable actions. We can benchmark supply chains and their related indicators to that of other organizations through our well defined methodology.